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Broadcasting Peace


Celtic Harp

Sketches for Celtic Harp
1. The Oak Twice-Blooming
2. Harp in Spring Equinox
3. In shore of a sea of stars


Sennen Song
Mystery of Day


Piano Improvs
Sidelong Light 2022

1. Mirrored Waters – I II III
2. Cascading Blush Theme
3. In the Spell of Sea Forests
(for piano and cello)

Playing Peace

Playing a new world into being.

When I play, I touch pure life beyond words, lost and free in an infinite cascade. The cascade becomes me. The mind is clean in that moment. The inner light flows free.

Listening, you can touch the state I play from. We ride the same wave –
inward engaging more joy, peace, beauty, These things are profound medicine: the foundation for all other healing.


I play whatever instruments I have to hand, wherever I go. Currently that’s
Celtic Harp
flutes and whistles
guitar and voice

It’s a continual improvisation, borne of the energy that gathers in stillness. The art is in receptivity, and the rest is automatic alchemy.

The arts contain a living energy, rarely stirred. When it’s awakened, it brings rapid change, like a mirror that can harmonise its subject. Sometimes, a musician is still enough that the deeper music surfaces, and the melody gets through.

Teaching & Sessions

I offer intuitive, explorational lessons in many instruments, plus a fresh approach to music theory, and Creative 1-2-1s for anyone wishing to deepen their musical expression and creativity. Fun, sandbox-mode spontaneity. By donation.

Soundtracks, backing tracks, session music, live events, musical accompaniment for classes – whatever you imagine.

Personal sessions
Set up your environment to relax, listen and let go. I can play live for you using my studio microphones wherever you are.

Human Design
Sometimes I offer readings in Human Design: an in-depth, practical expansion of astrology for individuals, families and groups.
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Donations and contact
I work by donation to support new models of exchange. You can also donate with alternative currencies such as BTC, ETH and Nimiq.

Contact page
For all enquiries!

Alternative Donations

I play and work by donation to support new models of exchange.
I support payments in stripe, BTC, ETH and Nimiq (link: what is nimiq?)

How it works:

1. Send your chosen donation via Stripe, or the Cryptocurrency addresses below.

2. Send me a message below, naming the music or service you’d like.

3. I will send you the download link! (Or we can discuss your session.)

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